Artwork by

Caitlin Abbott

8th-9th March I 
Redbridge Drama Centre I 8pm   

Cast & Creatives 

Director - Filiz Ozcan 

Musicians / Composers  

Tom Morton & Aanon H Siddiqua

Cleopatra - Mita Rahman 

Lady Macbeth - Hannah Rodriguez-Johnson   Katherine -  Olivia Negrean 

Adapted by

Filiz Ozcan 

'We know what we are now, but not what we may become Hamlet

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we are bringing Shakespeare's most iconic women to Redbridge Drama Centre.


Join Cleopatra, Katherine, and Lady Macbeth for an exciting journey from Ancient Egypt to Renaissance Italy and Medieval Scotland.


Along the way, these strong women will make you question what it means to be women in a man's world. 


Join us, and let's raise a glass to these literary characters who have challenged us and captured our imaginations and our stages for more than 400 years.

 Audience Comments 

"Loved the use of the space and interaction with audience. The cast were superb, powerful and moving. The musical motifs for each part were incredibly fitting.'


''Wonderful way to celebrate International Women's Day!!"

"Shakespeare meets Brecht! Best ever."


"A very interesting take on some Shakespeare's notable works. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The music accompaniment was excellent. Great live vocals. Impressive acting. Would definitely recommend."


"If we do Shakespeare play at school, I'm gonna act in it." 

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