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"Thank you for bringing your lovely show to the 

Bloomsbury Festival. It was great to see lots of happy, young - and not so young! - audience members entranced by the beautiful shadow puppetry and intrigued to hear an unfamiliar folk tale.'" 

Philip Parr

Bloomsbury Festival Programmer 

The R&D showing of this piece was previously produced by Culturepot Global and Runi Khan and performed in 'A Season of Bangla Drama' Festival.

Performed as part of

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The story of Bonbibi unfolds deep in the heart of the Sundarbans, the dense mangrove forests spreading from the southern shores of Bangladesh to the easternmost corner of West Bengal.  


Humans are slowly destroying the forest, felling trees for wood and animals for food. Dokkhin Rai, a spirit of the forest, is half-man and half-beast. He transforms himself into a tiger to devour humans, taking their lives as payment for all the riches they plunder from the jungle. Bonbibi, a child left in the forest by her poor parents to be raised by animals, is chosen by Allah to embark on a quest. She must restore the balance between man and animal and save the environment they share, their habitat and livelihood.


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