4th-5th Oct I 5.30pm I 3.30pm Redbridge Drama Centre 

Writer - Lucy Chau Lai-Tuen
Director - Filiz Ozcan 

Cast  - Leesa Gazi, Simon Lyshon, Peyvand Sadeghian,  

Sound Designer - Tom Morton                Movement Director - Emma Webb          Solace Consultant - Anat Toffnell              Music Consultant -  Sohini Alam                Design Consultant - Caitlin Abbott          Stage Manager -  Judith Volk

Community Producer  - Rachel Fitzgerald

Funded by Arts Council England, Supported by Making Herstory and Face Front Theatre​

Thank you to Gloria Betton, Annie Smol (Face Front),  Dr Mariana Tortell (Domestic Violence Intervention Project) Onjali Rauf (Making Herstory) and Redbridge Drama Centre 

“My story is of such marvel that if it were written with a needle on the corner of an eye, it would yet serve as a lesson to those who seek wisdom.”

Repetition. Chores. Work. Dinner. Waltz.

Playing it safe. Raised voices. Sharp noises.


Trapped behind high walls and closed doors, each day a mother must find tricks and tactics to divert her husband’s anger. She has a plan to save her own life and the life of her daughter. They must weave an imaginary world to escape reality. They must escape.

Our R&D process was informed by interviews and conversations with staff and service users of domestic abuse charities. The scenes we devised and the script by Lucy Chau Lai-Tuen have interwoven the age-old tale of One Thousand and One Nights with real-life accounts of present-day Shahrazads.


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