Puppet & Mask Making Workshop

June 2013


Komola Collective partnered with Theatre on the Steps, working with their youth group to create masks and puppets for their Bridgenorth Town Carnival on 29th June 2013. The aim of the Carnival was to bring back community spirit to the streets of Bridgenorth. It was a pleasure helping Theatre on the Steps, bringing colour and joy to the Carnival during which they were presented with the ‘Best on Foot’ award.


Here is what they thought of the workshop:


‘Today was really good and fun, and I enjoyed myself. Thank you so much for the experience!’



‘Thanks for a brilliant weekend and for helping us make Paul, Reginold, John and all their friends!’ 

- Izzy


‘Fantastic! Lots of fun. Don’t get to do this many times. I wish I could do this again, and you’ve really inspired me, so thank you so much’ - Eddie