Leesa Gazi Komola Women Theatre Company writer actor

Leesa Gazi is a writer, actor and TEDx speaker. 

She was the script-writer and performer of ‘Six Seasons’ and Tahmima Anam's ‘A Golden Age’ (Culturepot Global) at the Southbank Centre. She worked as the cultural coordinator and as a voice artist for Akram Khan’s 'Desh'. 


She has worked as a script interpreter in the 2012 Globe to Globe festival at the Globe Theatre on 'The Tempest'. 

She acted in 'Whisper Me Happy Ever After' (Face Front Theatre), a play about domestic violence which had multiple tours in London schools over 2 years and the last tour completed in October-November 2014. Leesa has been working as an actor in a series of BBC Educational Films.

Leesa Gazi has been nominated for  BBPower & Inspiration 100  2015 (British Bangladeshi  Power & Inspiration).


Leesa is currently working on an ongoing project entitled 
“Portrait of Baul” by Enamul Hoque & Openvizor in partnership with British Library & Barbican as a researcher, translator and playwright . “Portrait of Baul” is an audio / visual research into the current state of Baul music, and an examination of the significance of their philosophy. 

Her first novel, 'Rourob', was published in 2010. 

She is the concept developer, co-writer and the performer of the theatre production Birangona: Women of War, which has completed its two and a half month tour in the UK and also a three week tour in Bangladesh in 2014. ‘Birangona: Women of War' has been nominated for 'The Offies -- The Off West End Theatre Awards' for The TBC Award for all productions that defy traditional categories.


Leesa met 21 Birangona women in Bangladesh in 2010. Their individual stories are largely hidden and forgotten by a society in which rape is considered to be a source of shame for the victims like other rape survivors in conflict situations. Even so the Interim Government of Bangladesh announced that all women and girls who had been subjected to torture and rape would be accorded full respect as Birangona. 

Leesa started collecting their personal accounts to document their stories and from this, working with Komola Collective, a theatrical piece emerged. The play interwove film footage by the individual Birangona women. She is now working on a documentary film entitled 'Rising Silence' to shed light on their lives. 


Leesa’s theatrical credits include:

· ‘Chotto Desh’ (Akram Khan Company)

· ‘Made’ (Target Theatre)

· ‘Of Blood And Fire’ (Komola Collective)

· ‘Desh’ (Akram Khan Company)

·  ’Sonata', 'Rokeya’s Dream', ‘ People’s Romeo’ & 'Demon’s    

   Revenge' (Tara Arts) 

· ’Ponderful People', Whisper Me Happy Ever After (Face  

   Front Theatre) 

· ‘Six Seasons’, ‘A Golden Age’ &  'Bonbibi' (Culturepot    



Please find Leesa’s Tedx Talk here.