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Rich Mix

Tuesday 5th May 2015

All Artist with names .jpg
All Artist with names .jpg


According to Stage 100 list, UK theatres are dominated by white, middle class men. 

This is the overall picture. But have we ever wondered how theatre practitioners from diverse backgrounds, especially women, survive in this exclusivist industry? How does it really affect individual theatre artists trying to make a career? We often forget that it comes down to individuals and their never ending struggle just to continue.


As theatre practitioners, we shared our personal journeys of survival in the theatre industry.  How we have made it to this point and what keeps us going, and continue to be so hopelessly loyal to our crafts. We are all from diverse and marginal backgrounds. We are brown, we are black, we are ethnic, we are short, we are disabled but we are all professional theatre practitioners and we wanted to know why we are too often included only as a box-ticking afterthought.

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