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Stage One

On the Road


With a budget of just £14,000, Komola Collective took “Birangona: Women of War” on tour across Bangladesh as part of the initial filming and research for the film


In just three weeks, we and an incredibly hard-working crew performed the play in seven towns and villages, met with over 30 women survivors, and completed a host of PR interviews. Despite consternation over safety issues, the play received national attention and praise, and the subject matter of the Birangona was once again making news.




What We Achieved: 


The following objectives and actions were undertaken during this first stage:


  • Four women and their stories have been selected to provide a focal point for the main docu-film, with a fifth yet to be selected and her permission secured.

  • Locations of the slum areas in which the Birangona are residing have been reconfirmed, and the logistics of filming on site with the full crew are now being arranged.

  • Footage for a new promotional video gathered. This will be screened at the Birangona Film Fundraising Event scheduled to take place in London on 14th April 2015.

  • Performances of the play in all locations, together with reactions of audience members and the Birangona have been captured and are now being edited for use in both the promotional film and the final film.