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"School pupils [were] completely absorbed by the serious environmental tale... and the highly inventive physical and visual storytelling style and evocative soundscape - a really effective small-scale touring production." 

Daniel Buckroyd, 
Artistic Director, Mercury Theatre


The yolk of the sun is yet to start melting down the horizon over the Sundarbans - the dense mangrove forest that spreads from the southern shores of Bangladesh to the easternmost corner of West Bengal. A ship, an oil tanker, appears on the river, breaking through the wisps of fog. The ship is slowly sinking.


Redbridge Drama Centre

Mercury Theatre

Drum Theatre

Dugdale Centre
Rich Mix

Half Moon

Blue Elephant

Stratford Circus


Written and Produced by 

Leesa Gazi
Directed by

Filiz Ozcan

​Set Design by

Caitlin Abbott

Costume Design by

Bryony Taylor

Music and Sound Design by

Sohini Alam +


Thick, dark-gilded liquid seeps from the hulk, approaching the Sundarbans like the jaws of a dragon to swallow it. It will claim everything, choking trees and animals alike in its sticky coils. Enraged by the dark tide, vengeful demons awake in the souls of the Sundarbans tigers, and they begin to feast on humans who venture into the forest. Who will save them?

This is the tale of Bonbibi, a girl left in the Sundarbans as a child and raised by the creatures of the forest. Trouble looms when the greed of humans threatens nature, and conflict between man and beast becomes inevitable. She must embark on a quest to restore the balance between the two, and save the forest.

Previously researched and developed by Culturepot Global and Runi Khan for 'A Season of Bangla Drama' Festival.


Made with support from

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Daughter of the Forest is an exciting and colourful adventure for  all ages. Komola’s new family theatre piece creates the magical world of Bonbibi through puppetry, physical theatre and contemporary storytelling, with music by acclaimed British-Bengali band Khiyo.

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