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As part of Freedom Week, Komola Collective presented a spoken word presentation of some of the diary entries of Jahanara Imam, a Bangladeshi writer and political activist. She is most widely remembered for her efforts to bring to trial those accused of committing war crimes in the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. ‘The Mother of Martyrs’, as she is popularly known, launched a campaign to bring the war criminals of Bangladesh to justice. Her heartache voiced a nation’s demand.


Philip Hensher writes:


"But another reason for the ongoing anger and passion about these events, and the determination to bring the perpetrators to justice, is a book published in 1986 in Bangladesh. Jahanara Imam published her diary of the period between March and December 1971 under the title Ekattorer Dinguli ("Days of '71"). It was an immediate bestseller in Bangladesh, and has continued to be read by everyone, sometimes under its English title, 'Of Blood and Fire' (translated by Mustafizur Rahman). "


Komola Collective spoken word presentation directed by Filiz Ozcan, adapted and performed by Leesa Gazi & Zack Planski complemented by freedom songs sung by Sohini Alam and  Oliver Weeks on guitar


 A humane story told from the point of view of a mother who lost her son in the midst of a brutal conflict.

Of Blood and Fire

29th March 2015 | The Richmix


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