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"'This Workshop was so refreshing and friendly. I do hope this environment will spread to our community to stop subjugating our Birangona and instead honour them'" 

ULAB Student




A two-hour experiential workshop with students from the University of Liberal Arts explored issues around the Birangona women, including the loss of identity. This workshop looked into what ‘Birangona’ means now and what it meant in 1971 when Prime Minister Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared the raped women as war heroines. The drama exercises explored why people leave their towns, their cities, their country during war. The session also looked at the aftermath of  the independence of Bangladesh and what happened to the women who were raped and tortured. Did they want support and acknowledgment from their families, community and government?  Did they get this support?

This workshop was supported by ULAB. If you would like to book this workshop, please contact us at

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