Komola Collective presents

আমরা দুর্বার

We Are Boundless

Lyrics by:

Leesa Gazi

Composition and Arrangement by: 

Sohini Alam,  Aanon Siddiqua, Oliver Weeks


Performed by:

Leesa Gazi, Sohini Alam, Aanon Siddiqua,                        Oliver Weeks

Filmed by:

Rams Shahzad, Javier Tirado, Ameed Nizam

Edited by:

Rams Shahzad

Produced by:

Langham & Stanmore FIlms

Komola created this video in response to the culture of sexual harassment and violence against women that exists all around us. Within days, the Facebook version of the video went viral, reaching more than 55,000 viewers. 


                           English Lyrics:


We will step outside morning, noon and night
With or without reason
We will wear saris, skirts – sleeveless tops are my favourite
What is it with scarves in such heat?!

If we feel like it, we will wear huge teeps, blood red 
black is good too

We will put down the rickshaw hood and engage in elaborate arguments with the friend sitting next to us

We will collapse onto one another in laughter
Our voices will pass over three houses and hit the fourth
We will make such a commotion!

We burst into laughter, we love to laugh
In the heavens and on the earth, we will chatter like drunken loons
We will sing and dance
We will rest our arms on our friends’ shoulders 
And drink lots of tea

We will go to Chandni Chawk (market), to the Book Fair
On Victory Day and in the New Year, 
We will paint Bangladesh on our cheeks

We are robust, we are mischievous, we are mysterious, we are well behaved,
We are boundless, we are sinful, we are enchanting,
We are really wicked.

Restrain them – eyes, penises, restrain them both.