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"Stories like these can help propel social change by starting a dialogue.
Dhaka Tribune


Adapted + Produced by

Leesa Gazi
Directed by

Filiz Ozcan

Assistant Director

Andra Chelcea

​Set Designer

Aslam Aronnho

Costume Design

Mohsina Akhter

Music Direction

Shishir Rahaman

Ahsan Reza Khan

Production Manager

Tania Rahman

Company Interpreter

Abdullah Mamun


Brishti Roy

Shahnewaj Efte

Sharif Siraj

Mitu Rahman

Lochon Polash

Mehmud Siddique

Eva Saha


Ritu Akter

Alpona Akter

Diti Rani Sarkar

Maksuda  Khatun 

Mala Khatun

Rima Akter

Rohima Akter

Salma Khatun

Shilpi Akter

Shipra Rani Sarkar

Bithi Khatun


Aleya Twist is a modern-day female adaptation of the famous novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. Oliver Twist is hailed as the first English novel that examined society’s mistreatment of its orphans and underprivileged children.


Komola Collective, in partnership with the British Council, has adapted this celebrated novel and set it in the context of present-day Bangladesh. 

The story centres on orphan Aleya Twist who is born in a workhouse and sold into apprenticeship as a domestic worker. After escaping, Aleya travels to Dhaka where she meets Polan, a member of a gang of pickpockets led by the crime boss Rocket Jamshed.

"Stories like these can help propel social change by starting a dialogue. If we are frequently reminded of the abuse children face at orphanages, on the streets and at work, we might one day be compelled to take action. Then maybe at a future production of Aleya Twist, domestic workers will also fill some seats at the Experimental Theatre Hall."  Dhaka Tribune


"Although the story is set nearly two hundred years later and many thousands of miles away from the original story, the difference in time and place does not take away the harsh reality that the original Oliver had to face." The Daily Star

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