Samina Luthfa

Samina Luthfa is one of the founding members of BotTala – a performance space (, which was formed in 2008 in Dhaka. Before BotTala she worked for Subachan for nearly a decade. In 2010, she with a group of expatriate Bangladeshis in Oxford, UK, founded Theatre Folks (, where she actively participated in acting, designing and choreography.
Samina wrote two plays: “Teerthankar” and “Khona”, while she jointly translated “Twelfth Night”. Both her plays has been staged and published. Both of these plays have been widely acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. Khona has been translated by late Professor Kabir Chowdhury and published as one of the three plays in the volume called “The Unforgettable Three”.
She also is an actress and choreographer with several great plays where she performed. Nattyadhara has recognized her contribution to the theatre of Bangladesh and awarded her with the Srijonsheel Natya Tarun Tanusree Padak 2010 (Creative Youth of Theatre - Tanusree Award 2010). She has also received the Mohila Porishod Shommanona (Mohila Porishod Award) 2009 for theatrical activities.
In professional life, she is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Dhaka. She recently completed her DPhil (PhD) in Sociology from the St Cross College at the University of Oxford on political protests against mining in Bangladesh.